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The world is getting older as life expectancy increases and fertility continues to decline.

Increasing occurence of health issues with greater age, along a lifespan vs. healthspan gap, compound the strain on the American healthcare system.

The likelihood of occurrence of severe diseases (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular diseases) sharply increase with age

Significant efforts have been focused on prolonging our lifespan (2x healthcare spend/capita for 65+), but less on increasing healthspan, leading to a life vs. health gap

Healthcare in the US has become more expensive over time – but higher prices do not equal higher positive outcome levels.

Prices for medical care have been steadily increasing, typically growing faster than inflation

Higher healthcare spend per capita does not result in higher successful health outcomes.

Americans see personal health and wellness as a top priority and want to have more control over it by increasing focus on preventative solutions.

Personal health and wellness are perceived ever more as an “essential need” like groceries and hence an “essential spend”

Growing market size of the Personal Healthcare and Wellness market to $2.5 trillion by 2030