PranaX has developed a proprietary wellness technology to boost the immune system as we age to promote long-term health.

PranaX has achieved a breakthrough in immune system enhancement. They have developed a proprietary technology based on the human adaptation of heterochronic parabiosis, a technique originally tested on animals in the 1950s that enables the rejuvenation of older cells through young ones. This innovative approach uses the Transwell system, which separates young and aged cells with tiny pores in a wall, allowing young “factors” to enter and rejuvenate aged cells.

Revolutionizing Immune Restoration Technology

The immune restoration technology developed by PranaX has profound implications. It enhances the function of immune cells, including NK and T cells, enabling the clearance of old and dysfunctional cells from the body. Additionally, it revitalizes aging hematopoietic stem cells, promoting the production of healthy cells over defective ones. This groundbreaking technology has received approval in the Bahamas for ‘first in human’ studies, which have yielded excellent results.

PranaX has fostered innovations in adult stem cells and exosome-based therapies through extensive evidence-based science.

PranaX Therapeutics successfully rejuvenated aged immune cells using adult stem cells, obtaining approval from the Bahamas National Stem Cell Ethics Committee. They secured patents for their innovative work on the parabiosis system and the mechanisms behind regeneration via exosomes and microRNAs.

Adult stem cells (Stromal Vascular Fraction) were used to treat Orthopedic and Neurological issues in the Bahamas with National Stem Cell Ethics Committee approval. Extensive data from over 400+ patients form 2015 – 2019 demonstrated 50% pain reduction in Orthopedic cases.

PranaX has elucidated that exosomes are the mechanism of action responsible for boosting the aging immune system.

PranaX combines Rejenevie Therapeutics and HHIG’s portfolio tech with MD Anderson’s exosome IP (developed first FDA approved trial to test exosomes in patients) to advance regenerative medicine through evidence-based exosome science

Exosomes are a class of extracellular vehicles (EVs) released by cells that contain various biomolecules, such as proteins, DNA, RNA, lipids, and metabolites. They play a crucial role in intercellular communication and the transfer of cellular information.

Innovations in Immune Cell Rejuvenation

PranaX’s success in immune cell rejuvenation using adult stem cells has been endorsed by the Bahamas National Stem Cell Ethics Committee. They have also secured patents for their innovative work on the parabiosis system and the mechanisms behind regeneration via exosomes and microRNAs. Extensive data from over 400+ patients in the Bahamas from 2015 to 2019 demonstrated a 50% reduction in pain for orthopedic cases, making their approach a promising solution for a range of medical issues.

Key Role of Exosomes in Rejuvenation

Furthermore, PranaX has uncovered the key role of exosomes in boosting the aging immune system. They have integrated technologies from Rejenevie Therapeutics, HHIG, and MD Anderson’s exosome intellectual property to advance regenerative medicine. Experiments have shown that exosomes from young cells have a potent effect on rejuvenating aged stem cell potency, underscoring the significance of these extracellular vehicles in intercellular communication and the transfer of cellular information.

A Vision for Better Aging and Wellness

Over the last seven decades, there have been remarkable increases in human lifespan, resulting in a global population nearing 8 billion people. However, as people live longer, the quality of life during their later years has declined significantly. PranaX recognizes the urgent need for natural approaches to repair tissue damage and injury at any stage of life and improve overall wellness. At PranaX, we aim to harness the evolving biology and knowledge of exosomes to promote tissue and organ regeneration, especially in aging, inflamed, and damaged areas.

Our Mission and Focus Areas

Our ultimate mission is to develop exosomes as natural supplements and wellness products that can benefit people worldwide by helping them retain or restore their quality of life. We believe in treating aging as a biological process that can be slowed or inhibited as a whole, rather than merely addressing individual age-related diseases.

Banking of exosomes as bio-insurance for clinical use later in life is a cheaper and less complex alternative to cell-based banking and therapy.

Exosome-based supplements are designed to support well-being of healthy individuals – suitable for health & wellness clinics as a biological supplement.

Development of stem cell-derived exosomes for aging-related indications through FDA-approved clinical trials in the US.

Redefining Aging as a Treatable Process

Aging is a complex biological process and a leading risk factor for chronic diseases, which account for a significant portion of health costs. By 2030, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65. We believe in reimagining aging as a process that can be treated similarly to diseases of aging.

Our approach involves generating stem cell-derived exosomes as health and wellness products with anti-aging properties. Exosomes offer a less complex regulatory pathway and a more cost-effective manufacturing process than cell-based therapies, increasing the likelihood of FDA approval if proven efficacious.

Exosome banking, unlike traditional tissue banking, is not limited to neonatal tissue. Individuals can bank peripheral blood exosomes throughout early adulthood, providing flexibility and access to this innovative approach.

We believe that exosome banking will disrupt the $15 billion cell banking market, offering a unique and more affordable solution for individuals to invest in their future health.

Pioneering Regenerative Medicine

PranaX is dedicated to exploring the potential of exosomes to rejuvenate aging, inflamed, and damaged tissue and organs. Our technology, backed by industry pioneers and institutions, is poised to make a significant impact on the field of regenerative medicine and overall well-being.