PranaX Executive Summary

PranaX Executive Summary

PranaX has a portfolio of 20+ granted patents and a team with experience in venture building, raising money, and IPO.

Proof of Value PranaX has made significant advancements in regenerative medicine with a focus on adult stem cells and exosome-based therapies. Clinical studies have demonstrated exceptional safety and efficacy, and the company has secured patents for its innovative work.

PranaX has a portfolio of 20+ granted patents and a team with experience in venture building, raising money, and IPO. PranaX is led by pioneering and seasoned industry experts who have spent years researching the field and developed a proprietary technology portfolio.

PranaX is led by pioneering and seasoned industry experts that have spent years researching their field and developing a proprietary technology portfolio.

The Team has previous success in building ventures across different life stages. Dr. Kalluri was actively involved in raising 200M+ and IPOing Codiak Biosciences. Dr. Steven Greco raised $3M for Alzheimer’s clinical trials with Neurotez Inc, holds 20+ patents in regenerative medicine and Alzheimer’s disease, and authored around 70+ peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Raghu Kalluri leads the anti-aging and cancer initiative as the Chair of Cancer Biology at MD Anderson; serving on various boards as Scientific Advisor, over 400+ peer-reviewed publications, and 30 patents. Valerie LeBleu led FDA approval for the first exosome testing, served as Scientific Director at InGenesis Inc.,
and authored 110+ peer-reviewed publications and 10 patents.

Dr. Steven J. Greco, PhD

>20 years in Stem Cell Biology; Built PranaX Corporate Structure and Business Model

Dr. Raghu Kalluri, MD/PhD


MD Anderson, Chair Cancer Biology; Co-Founder Codiak Biosciences (NASDAQ_CDAK)

Dr. Valerie LeBleu, MD/PhD, MBA

Contributed to the Development of 1st FDA Approved Phase I Clinical Trial for Pancreatic Cancer using Exosomes; Expert in Exosomes Biology

Kenneth Klein, CPA/MBA

>30 Years in Financial Accounting; Previous CFO & VP of Business Development at Nobilis Health

Leveraging proprietary technology, PranaX aims at building out three lines of business focused on using exosomes for regenerative purposes.

Business Model PranaX aims to develop three key lines of business, focusing on the use of exosomes for regenerative purposes:

  1. Exosome Banking: Personalized collection and banking of exosomes from various sources.
  2. Exosome Supplements: Manufacture of exosome-based supplements for health and wellness.
  3. Exosome Therapy: Offering exosome-based therapies for various diseases and conditions.

Market The market for exosome-related products and therapies is rapidly growing. Exosome banking is poised to disrupt the cell banking market, while exosome applications in supplements and therapy are in their infancy but forecasted to grow significantly.

Competitive Advantage PranaX disrupts three healthcare segments with its proprietary technology, an expert team, and access to world-renowned institutions. The company is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact on the field of regenerative medicine.