Company Profile

Company Profile

PranaX is dedicated to harnessing the remarkable power of exosomes to rejuvenate aging, inflamed, and damaged tissues and organs. Our goal is to explore the vast potential of exosomes, unlocking their regenerative properties to enhance the quality of life on a global scale. PranaX envisions a world where exosomes become natural supplements and wellness products, contributing to healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Opportunity: In a world with nearly 8 billion people and increasing lifespans, there is an urgent need to enhance the quality of life during the later stages of adulthood. PranaX seizes this opportunity by providing natural methods for tissue repair and injury recovery at any stage of life. Our mission is to address this pressing need and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Thesis: Exosomes represent a groundbreaking frontier in cell-free cell therapy. PranaX is at the forefront of developing exosomes as anti-aging supplements and aims to establish FDA-approved, clinical-grade stem cell-derived exosomes for tissue repair and organ regeneration. We believe that banking exosomes from a young age can pave the way for future clinical benefits, offering a unique investment opportunity.

Leveraging proprietary technology, PranaX aims at building out three lines of business focused on using exosomes for regenerative purposes.

Business Model: Our versatile business model encompasses both immediate, high-margin consumer products and long-term therapeutics divisions. The consumer products and services division revolves around our cutting-edge Houston cGMP facility. Here, we focus on personalized exosome banking using ExoSTORE® technology and the production of clinical-grade exosome supplements (ExoWELL®) for health and wellness clinics.

Competitors: PranaX stands out in the competitive landscape through its innovative approaches within the exosome research field. We foster collaborations and partnerships within the industry to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Competitive Advantage: Our competitive edge lies in our unwavering commitment to pioneering exosome research and development, spearheaded by industry experts. This positions us at the forefront of potential breakthrough technologies that can revolutionize regenerative medicine.

Go-To-Market Strategy: To effectively bring our vision to life, we plan to engage closely with clinicians and healthcare professionals, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration. Our outreach efforts extend to participating in relevant industry events and scientific conferences to remain at the forefront of advancements in the field.

Traction: PranaX has already made significant strides in securing initial financing and forming vital partnerships. These achievements are driving our research and development efforts forward, enabling us to actively work on the development and exploration of exosome-based products and therapies. We are committed to translating our vision into tangible solutions for a healthier and rejuvenated world.